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Client Testimonials

“I wasn’t disappointed with the level of professionalism and consistency I experienced while this firm handled my case . I am completely satisfied with the outcome and effort that was taken to make sure I was taken care of.”– Temika S.

“Mr. Smith handled my case with aplomb. I was kept informed of the progress, my questions were answered swiftly and I feel as though he genuinely cared. I would most definitely recommend his services.”– Leonard H.

“I would definitely recommend Attorney Steven Smith, he communicates well and will work hard to get you compensated! He’s a professional and upfront about what your situation..♥️♥️”– DJ B.

“Steven Smith is an awesome Attorney. He communicates well and does a good job meeting client needs. I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs legal representation!!!”– Lashawnda

“Stephen A. Smith is one of the Best Lawyers in Jacksonville. I’ve known him for years and I can attest to his care, character , and concern for his clients. He’s genuinely was concerned with me and provided the best service and explanation to my case. Anything and anytime I needed him he was there and available. If you’re looking to be honestly care for , this law firm is for you.”– Dannette B.

“Attorney Smith stepped in and took over my injury case. He is a remarkable professional with Strong Faith. He is determined to ensure that his clients are provided with exceptional customer service. His response time is what I appreciate the most. He deserves Golden Flowers for service rendered to the Jacksonville community.
a job well done, Attorney Stephen A. Smith!”– Sabrina E.

“Attorney Smith and his team were prompt, accurate, and extremely knowledgeable. Their honesty and moral approach to my case was a much appreciated breathe of fresh air. They fully helped me navigate the legal situation and ultimately helped me get a more than equitable resolution to my situation. O highly recommend them for your legal needs.”– Rufus S.

“Attorney Steven A. Smith was referred to me by my Pastor. So I knew right away he would be someone of INTEGRITY & HONOR. Although my case was not a right fit for Attorney Smith it didn’t stop him from taking the time to spend over three hours compassionately listening to me after hours until almost 11pm. As me and my fiancé poured our hearts out to him about the devastating experience we endured the last six months as my mother suffered in the hospital. I could hear in his voice that he actually cared and finally someone else compassionate about the care of our elderly people’s treatment in hospitals and nursing facilities. I highly recommend Attorney Steven A. Smith and Team”– Nicole B.

“My experience with Stephen A Smith was phenomenal. I could not have had a kinder and more considerate attorney. He is a lawyer that has compassion for his clients. He’s knowledgeable of the law and great at explaining it so you can understand. Attorney Smith communicated and provide me updates regularly. I appreciate the time and attention he gave my case from start to finish. I would certainly use his services again.”– Shawn B.

“The Law offices of Stephen A. Smith provided me with the excellent legal assistance that I needed. They kept me informed throughout the process, and the final outcome of the case far exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the outstanding service and care I received. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you and those whom you serve.”– Anna H.

“The Law Office Of Stephen A. Smith answered my phone call in the desperate hours of the night in fall 2020 after an employment screening red flag. I thoroughly explained to Attorney Stephen Smith the details of my situation as I understood them. As a medical professional I had never experienced anything like this in almost 20 years. He assured me that it would work out for my good. He told me he would handle it. He did just that. The legal matter was resolved and I proceeded to the next level of the onboarding process. As a result of his diligence and reassurance I was patient and confident from start to finish. Even after that hiccup, I was promoted to upper management recently. Thank You Attorney Smith for your assistance!”– Jan G.

“Highly recommended Law Firm! My husband and i had an accident last November 21, 2021 we both got hurt because of a driver whose speeding, not paying attention and driving without any valid insurance and license. We never involved on any car accident so we don’t have any idea what to do. Our friend told us the first thing to do is go to the doctor especially i had bruises on my arms and hips then my husband had headaches and bad neck pain then get a lawyer, she even recommended a law firm. So next day we did what we need to do, while we are in the clinic my husband was talking on the phone with the lawyer that supposed to gonna help us, so we thought everything is good. 3 days after the accident I signed the paper with them electronically then i was surprised why only me signing papers and my husband is not, however we are both in the same car accident I’m the passenger he is the driver, so i send the email to this lawyer asking why only me have papers to be sign? The only response i got from him was we can’t represent your husband thats all. Without any discussion that’s the only reason i got from him and also i talk to this lawyer once over the phone thats it i was expecting at least over video call if not in person BUT I don’t. That week we mentioned to someone about what were dealing and she said using big law firm sometimes you guys are just a number sure it did. So they recommended to us Mr. Stephen Smith that day surprisingly for my husband and I attorney Smith took his time to meet us and talked about our concerns and from that moment he explained us what to expect, how it will be done, what’s are the things we need to do but he kept telling us that the main job we need to do is to make you guys feel better first get the treatment you will needed. So from that point we can really tell he do care about us unlike what farah and farah did to me. At the case continue Atty. Stephen Smith he personally contacting us, checking on us and discussing the progress about the case together with his assistant Jesus Montero. They always make sure we did understand every time we are talking about the case. Thank you guys we really do appreciated all the help you did and YES WE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this law firm because they will take your case with dignity.”– M P.

“Attorney Smith was a pleasure to work with concerning the legal matter I was facing. He was very patient and understanding. Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of an Attorney.”– Erica C.

“If you’re looking for a good lawyer that’s family oriented friendly nice easy to talk to someone that can relate to your problems contact these people these are great people friendly transparent you work with them they work with you I had no problems when I called him up he always answered my questions regardless of the question I asked regardless of what time they loop quickly on your case I would recommend these people over all the big companies out there. Stephen A Smith and his associates I want to send my deepest thank you for the hard work you guys did it was very pleasant working with you guys I would do it in a heartbeat you are the first people I’m gonna call anything ever happens again thank you.”– Ted P.

“This law firm is amazing , made the process easy and stress free . If I need any other legal matters taken care of , I will always use them . Every time I called I was able to reach someone . I recommend this law firm wholeheartedly to anyone who needs legal help”– Ciarra D.

“I would like to thank Attorney Stephen Smith for his legal expertise, He always does such a phenomenal job for me, He is patient Knowledgeable and always Professional. Thank you Atty Smith for your help… Very much appreciated.”– Cynthia W.

“Mr. Smith’s Farm is reliable and very hard-working complete Mall ethically abiding by standards that are high making sure that your case is worked on to its greatest extent not leaving any room for air nor judgement this firm handle my service with care and I 100% appreciate the fact that I will always be coming back to them for the same excellent service. Thank you.”– Mary B.

“I use and have been using Stephen A Smith for the past 10 years. I trust his expertise and his judgment. His thought process is in line with the law and he’s alway had me and my families best interest in mind. I have some friends and a few business associates that I was unaware used Mr. Smiths services and they all have the same opinion about him that I have, shows value, high integrity and a level of professionalism and service that ‘s very hard to find anymore. Thank you Stephan A Smith for all you do…………….”– Marie B.

“I was in a distressed situation and Mr. Smith was quick to respond. He offered insight and advice with my best interest. I felt confident and prepared moving forward and the outcome is as expected. He is thorough, professional, and you can sense he cares.”– C T.

“Mr. Smith did a great job on my wife’s injury case. At what was a hectic time in my family’s life his knowledge and expertise was a calming influence for us, hiring Mr.Smith was the best decision we ever made.”– Christopher W.

“My experience and interactions with Stephen have surpassed expectations, I am forever grateful. Highly recommended.”– Reesie R.

“Mr. Smith handled my case woth aplomb. I was kept informed of the progress, my questions were answered swiftly and i feel as though he genuinely cared. I would most definitely recommend his services.”– Leonard H.

“Mr. Smith was a great person all around. He was respectful and professional the whole case. I appreciate Mr. Smith and his assistant very much.”– Kelley B.

“The service provided was extremely fast and responsive. I want to give props to Jesus for being so professional and helpful. He would give me updates everyday and was able to settle the case beyond my expectations.”– Eduardo M

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